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Birendra Multiple Campus that we see today in its form and features, was established on the 15th Baishakh, 2022 BS. as 'Birendra Intermediate Arts College', named after late King Birendra, with the initiation and efforts of academicians, social workers, guardians, donors, and local institutions feeling the need of an academic institution of higher education for the growing population of the district after Chitwan was open for settlement in 2011 BS. The college had its hard times in its infancy as it did not have its own building and premises. With great labor pain, it took its birth in Chitwan High School Building at night wi...

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Prof. Daya Ram Paudyal

Birendra Multiple Campus, established as a community-based campus in 2022, became a constituent campus of Tribhuvan University in 2030 B.S. Since then, despite many ups and downs, this campus has been making efforts for its advancement with the target of being a center of learning in this locality. Learning is a lifelong process and it changes with the spirit of the time. Education, therefore, has gained a different..

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